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Little Free Library Ready To Serve Neighborhood
Family, friends and neighbors joined with Toby Ayers, to the left of the box, in unveiling the new Free Little Library in front of her home on Deitz Circle in Oakdale earlier this month. Photo Contributed


Retired schoolteacher Toby Ayers recently got a unique gift. One that not only she can enjoy, but one that will also give joy to many others throughout her Oakdale neighborhood.

“I recently was gifted a Little Free Library,” Ayers explained. “Having seen Little Free Libraries for the past several years, I have been fascinated with them. As a retired school teacher, I have a love of books and reading.”

On a visit to her son in Washington, D.C., her interest in the small local neighborhood library boxes was brought back to the forefront.

“My want for a Little Free Library was rekindled after seeing several in the historic Capitol Hill neighborhood. My son and sister got my library for my birthday this year,” she explained. “I have been beyond tickled pink ever since.”

The library was unveiled to share with friends and family on Aug. 20 and is in the 1100 block of Deitz Circle in Oakdale.

Little Free Libraries offer a way to share good things to read. The library, small wooden boxes with doors, installed in a neighborhood, belongs to the neighbors, friends, family, anyone with a love of reading.

Books can be taken out to read and then returned, books can be donated. Typically the libraries offer a wide variety of genres and have books for children and adults.

Helping Ayers with the unveiling were some friends, family, neighbors and her dog, Darla, who is featured on the sides of the library box.

“I look out with joy every day,” Ayers said of having the library in front of her home, available for the neighbors to enjoy.