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Library Fun - Reading Program Reaches Chapter
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In an effort to keep the interest in reading over the summer, the Oakdale Library is participating in the “Activate Your Mind - READ!” program for all ages, children to adults. It started May 25 and runs through Saturday, Aug. 3.

According to Oakdale Library staff, there’s still time to get that summer reading in for prizes.

Bryan Sontag, Oakdale Library branch manager and librarian said that as soon as the program wraps, they’ll start totaling to find out the impact the program has had on local readers. He said that this year they’ve offered prizes, including bicycles and a Nook, and it seems to have made an impression.

“We’ve had a lot of kids interested this year because of the prizes,” Sontag said of the program. “The kids like to see a big grand prize… It’s exciting for the kids to see the bicycles.”

He added that Friends of the Library paid for the bikes and got them at cost from Oakdale Bicycle Shop.

Oakdale Library assistant Kavita Sharma explained that the different age brackets for readers have different reading goals for prizes. Children who are newborn through age 8 can read, or be read to, at least 20 minutes a day for seven days to earn a prize by keeping track on a 28-day log. They can receive a small prize for each week they complete. For up to two 28-day logs completed, they can be entered into a drawing where the age 4 and under group can win a “Cozy Coupe” and the 5- to 8-year-olds can win a boys bicycle and a girls bicycle.

Tweens ages 9 through 12 have an activity log. Sontag said it has to do with more than just reading and also includes things such as a library scavenger hunt or watching a documentary. Tweens get a prize for every three-hour log that is finished. Nine hours completes a full log and they can enter up to three logs into a drawing for a girls bicycle and a boys bicycle.

Teens age 13 through 18 keep track of their reading on a bingo card. Sharma said that the bingo cards contain different reading squares. Sontag said the squares could be mystery, horror, or free read. By getting five down or across, teens can get a prize reward. Sontag added that by doing a bingo card “blackout” they can get one entry into a drawing for a Nook HD.

Adults can also get in on the program and rewards by submitting a short review about books they read from the library. Each completed book review form can be entered for a chance to win a gift basket or gift cards, also donated by Friends of the Library. Sontag said the book reviews are based on a star system and a short review. The book review forms are available at the library branches or can be downloaded.

Once all the adult reviews are collected and the Oakdale Library branch has its drawing, those review entries will then be sent off to be entered into the countywide library drawing, where the reviews from branches around the county will have a chance to win one of the grand prizes. Sontag reported that there are three countywide prizes – two $100 Amazon gift cards and a Samsung Galaxy tablet.

Upcoming events at the Oakdale Library include Day of Play on Saturday, July 27 at 10:30 a.m. for kids ages 4 to 12. There will be crafts, games, and activities for the children that encourage physical activity as well as engaging their minds through reading. Sontag said there will be outside activities such as hula hoops, sidewalk chalk, and more.

On Thursday, Aug. 1, Firefly Craft is at 3:30 p.m., also for ages 4 to 12. Children can make a fun firefly using recycled bottles. This also provides them with the chance to interact with peers and practice hand-eye coordination skills.

For teens at the Oakdale Library there is Wii Game Day on Monday, Aug. 19 at 3:30 p.m. Teens can play fun Wii games to learn about tactics and teamwork.

Also for teens, Custom Button Making Craft will be on Thursday, Aug. 29 at 3:30 p.m. They will make custom buttons to pin on their bags or backpacks. Books will also be displayed and available for checkout.

The Oakdale Library also offers Book Club in a Box, an ongoing program that is countywide. Community and library book clubs can borrow a set of one title to use in their book club discussions but they must contact the library branch for the list, or view the list on the website and click on “Readers Corner.” Sontag said that requests should be made a while in advance because they need to be distributed to the book club members. He said that there is a lot of demand for certain book titles or series, so sometimes there is a waiting list. Alternative title choices should be included in requests.

The Oakdale Library is at 151 S. First Ave., open Monday through Thursday and on Saturday.