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Holiday Happiness Delivered
shriners pix
With local Mason Dave Daley driving the wagon and John Thompson, at right, bringing a Christmas tree in on horseback, several local residents traveled to Sacramento early Christmas morning to bring some joy to ill children receiving treatment at the Shriners Hospital. Photo Courtesy Of Jolene Thompson

A special event involving several local Masons and Shriners played out on Christmas morning, as a group traveled to the Shriner’s Hospital in Sacramento for their Christmas parade.

An added attraction to the parade this year and a big hit with the kids and their families was local resident John Thompson on his horse Rocky, with another horse Jess carrying a Christmas tree on his back. Also, a mule drawn cart driven by Dave Daley carried Santa with bags of presents for the kids and their families. Once in front of the hospital, they all waved to the kids and their families who were watching from the second floor windows.

The kids also enjoyed the view of a winter wonderland of snow, complete with snowmen and a snow dog.

“The Masons/Shriners bring in truck loads of snow, build snowmen, and create a white Christmas for the kids and their families in the hospital to enjoy,” said local resident Jolene Thompson, who accompanied the group. “Many get to return home for the holidays, but for those who need to stay in the hospital, they get a taste of the kind hearts and love of the Masons and Shriners from all over the area. After the parade, we all enjoyed watching the joy on their faces as they and family members opened presents that have been donated.”

Many from the local area were happy to take part, Thompson added.

“Seeing the joy on their faces makes getting up at 3:30 a.m. to get ready, load the horses, drive to Sacramento, and get them prepped for the parade all worth the effort. A great way to start Christmas.”