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Formal Appointments Made For Treasurer, Council Posts
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In an expected move, the Oakdale City Council at a special meeting on Thursday, Aug. 25 made the appointments of Tom Dunlop and Richard Murdoch to the city council and Christine Sulhoff as city treasurer, cancelling the need for a General Municipal Election for Nov. 8.

All three, currently the incumbents of the offices, were the only ones who had put in for the positions and California law allows for appointment of those persons who have been nominated when there are not more candidates than offices to be elected.

Dunlop, first elected to office in 2004, continues to serve the city for another four years. Murdoch, who was appointed by the council in April 2015 to serve out the resigning Don Peterson’s original term, will serve another four years despite never being elected to the post.

Christine Sulhoff was appointed treasurer by the council.

Sulhoff has lived in Oakdale for over nine years and has worked for the city’s finance department for the last seven years. She initially worked part-time in the recreation department and, when the opportunity arose a year later, she moved to a full-time position in the finance department. She works as an accounting technician responsible for the city’s accounts payable and payroll.