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Dairy Farmers Support Marketing Order Vote
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California Dairy Campaign (CDC) members applauded Rep. Jim Costa, D-16, for his leadership in passing the “California Milk Marketing Order Act” in the House Agriculture Committee passed farm bill. Representative Jim Costa, D-16, spoke to the California Dairy Campaign board of directors and membership to discuss the farm bill, ethanol policy, immigration and water issues at the CDC office in Turlock.

“We commend Rep. Costa for introducing the ‘California Milk Marketing Order Act’ and the central role he played in its passage by the House Agriculture Committee,” stated CDC President Joe Augusto. The legislation was introduced by Representatives David Valadao, R-21, and Jim Costa, D-16, and cosponsored by all California members of the House Agriculture Committee. The legislation would enable California to retain its state quota system under the federal milk marketing order system.

“California’s Class 4b or cheese price continues to be well below the comparable federal milk marketing order (FMMO) Class III cheese price, amounting to an average $2.00 per hundredweight difference for the first quarter of this year,” explained CDC Executive Director Lynne McBride. “Joining the federal order will bring California dairy producers prices in line with prices paid in other states and restore equity to our pricing system.”

“The latest cost of production data from the California Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA) shows that dairy producers lost on average $2.10 per hundredweight in 2012,” added McBride.

“One hundred and five dairies went out of business last year. If California prices had been in alignment with federal order prices last year, the losses would not have been so great,” she concluded.

Comprised of more than 1400 farmer and rancher members, CFU advocates policies at the state and national levels on behalf of its membership throughout California. The California Dairy Campaign (CDC) is a grassroots organization of dairy farmers who are working to encourage lawmakers and the dairy industry to be more responsive to the needs of the family dairy farm in California. CDC is a member organization of CFU which is a state chapter of National Farmers Union (NFU). NFU represents more than 250,000 members nationwide. NFU works to protect and enhance the economic well-being and quality of life for family farmers, ranchers, and their communities.