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Campus Monitor Arrested With Gun
Oakdale police

Oakdale Police reported that they arrested a campus supervisor from the Stanislaus Arts Academy Culinary School for possessing a handgun and ammunition on school grounds on Tuesday, April 29.

Sergeant Ben Savage said police received a phone call from Stanislaus County School officials around 9:30 a.m. stating one of the campus monitors at the Culinary Academy on Wakefield Drive was believed to be in possession of a handgun.

According to police, a custodian at the school reported that the monitor had displayed a loaded magazine at some point during the school day.

Police contacted the monitor, James Logan, 43, of Oakdale, and found a loaded 9 mm handgun magazine in his possession. A search of Logan’s vehicle parked on campus revealed a Smith and Wesson 9mm handgun and another loaded magazine.

“He told us he’s an avid shooter and forgot he had the magazine in his pocket and the gun in the car,” Savage said.

Logan was arrested at the scene and later booked into Stanislaus County Jail for a felony charge of possessing a handgun on school property and possession of ammunition at a school.

“We’re not speculating what his reasons were for showing the magazine or having the gun,” Savage said. “His reason was he forgot.”

Judy Leitz of the Stanislaus County Office of Education said students were in class when police were at the school and unaware of the incident. She said the matter was handled at the school without incident or the need for a lockdown or other security procedures.

Campus supervisors at the academy patrol and monitor the campus for safety and security assuring the students comply with school regulations.


Logan, a five-year employee of Stanislaus County Office of Education, was placed on administrative leave by school officials.