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Oakdale MMA Offers Group Classes
mma class
Professor Tom Theofanopoulos (far left) and the Oakdale MMA Academy offer many self-defense and anti-bullying classes at their facility. Shown are the young college-bound students who attended the two-hour seminar. Photo Contributed

School is just around the corner and for some it can be a scary place. Bullying is more common and at a new level with cyber bullying. Oakdale Mixed Martial Arts Academy offers group courses in child bullying prevention. Professor Tom Theofanopoulos heads the group session seminar that features how to handle youth bullying.

Each class is two hours and focus on how to prevent bullying and to get out of serious situations if they escalate. Techniques and topics during the seminar include how to walk away from bullies, how to get out of grips and holds if the situation becomes physical and the power of walking away from the situation altogether.

Professor Tom also teaches College Safety classes for young women. These pivotal classes teach first time college students how to be safe both on and off campus. “The best thing for these young women to do is to travel in groups. Acquire strength in numbers. Do not go shopping alone, or go to class alone,” said Professor Tom. These and other safety lessons are available in the two-hour class. Like the child bullying prevention class, this one also focuses on getting out of bad situations. Another class that the academy offers is business employee seminars for women. This class focuses on the dangers at work that women face with sexual harassment and physical altercations.

The classes are available upon request and are scheduled for groups of 15 people or less.

For more information on these classes or to schedule your seminar, contact Professor Tom at (209)482-6505.