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Oakdale Academy Expands To Include K-Third Grades
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Oakdale Academy, a private Christian school, is adding a new class for kindergarten through third grade, expanding to include all elementary grade levels, K-8. The initial concept of a one-room classroom that includes fourth through eighth grade has just completed its third year of operation with great success. Oakdale Academy is earning an excellent reputation; one of academic rigor in a Christian environment.

Over the three years, Oakdale Academy students experienced academic growth, as well as the challenge to do their very best. The hard work has led them to learn to enjoy and find fulfillment in their effort.

Tiffany James, parent of a seventh grade student, stated: “My husband and I made the decision to enroll her and it was the best decision for my daughter’s education. She looks forward to going to school and is eager to tell me what she learned each day. The school creates and demands an atmosphere of respect, honor, and fun learning.”

“The younger students in Oakdale deserve the same chance as the older ones,” said Cy Cole, founder and teacher at Oakdale Academy. “Lots of real life, hands-on learning, rigorous in-class instruction, lots of field trips, and less homework.”

Cole also stated that Oakdale Academy students do have homework, but a lot less and it is a meaningful extension, a deepening, of what they learn in class, not the tedious tasks usually associated with homework.

“But more than that,” he continued, “the kids enjoy a Christ-centered, loving environment where the daily prayer concludes with ‘Help us to honor You in everything we say and do’.”

Currently there are spaces available for all grade levels, K-8. More information can be found at the website,, or you can call Cole at 209-840-2600.