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David Ferry bounces back from a first round loss to take this win in the consolation bracket at state for Oakdale High. - photo by IKE DODSON/THE LEADER

It was a long trek to Bakersfield and an even longer journey to find wireless internet connection inside the Rabobank Arena, where the best prep wrestlers in California are waging battle across 10 mats

Nine Oakdale High wrestlers have joined a field of 98 total Sac-Joaquin Section qualifiers to take on the states best in their respective brackets.

Following is some notes of recent tournament results from SJS competitors and nine Mustang participants.

I wont be able to do this after every round, but the lack of internet connection has allowed some down time on Microsoft word, so here is some early results.

First round (pigtail notes)


Nathan Liles of Rodriguez wins via default

Emilio Saavadra pins Irvine in 3:48

Jacob Lopez of Elk Grove loses via pin to Mason Pengilly of Porterville


Danny Inong of Elk Grove wins 7-0 over Freedom

Surprise qualifier Gabriel Balderas of Ceres wins 10-2 over North Section No. 3 Gaeth Lucas of Durham in a 10-2 match.

Vincent Gomez of Frontier dispatches Jess Bethel’s Jobel Cabigting in a 16-5 match.


Oakdale sophomore Ronnie Stevens suffers a late pin from Central Coast Section runner-up (Menlo Atherton).

Juan Gudino of Bear River is bested in a 8-3 loss to Servite.

Martin Ramirez wins 17-3 over Corcoran.

Grant Burkhalter of Bella Vista wins via first round pin over Washington.


Fabian Garcia of Turlock lands a pin in pigtails over Liberty.

Austin Wulfert sneaks in a 7-6 win over Clovis.

Tim Ditrich of Ponderosa comes close to an upset, but loses 2-1 to Joe Moita of De La Salle.


Union Mine’s Cody Tow wins via pin over South Fork.

Dylan Jankovich of Roseville loses 8-4 to Clovis.

Shane Ticker of Bella Vista wins 4-2 over Buchanan


Justin Brown of Calveras loses 3-1.

Nick Ghannam of Rodriguez loses 7-4.

Peter Sanotos of Woodcreek pinned by Shane Yacuta.


Shane Keefe of Rocklin wins 7-5.

Austin Branum of Del Oro wins 15-6.

Isaiah Martinez of Leemore pins Jorge Munoz of Las Banos.


Heartbreak for Oakdale’s David Ferry, who loses in overtime 6-4 to Selma’s Isaiah Morfin to start his tourney.

Blake Matis of Casa Roble loses 11-1.

Brent Rees of Vacaville loses 16-6.


Tony Delgado of Vacaville loses 4-3

Tyler Thomas of Pioneer wins 9-3


Vince Waldhouser wins via pin for Oak Ridge

Jim Wilson of McNair wins 7-0.

Scott Vetino of Elk Grove pinned.


Oakdale’s Trent Noon dominates Brody Goens of Chino Hills for a 10-1 win.

Allen Emmons of Pondo wins by pin.

Alex Nuanez of Sierra loses 12-0.


Jordan Sepeda of Notomas wins 16-10

Khymba Johnson of Center pins to win.

Roger Baines of Sheldon pinned.


Malique Micenheimer of McNair pins.

Elk Grove’s Josh Leftugasenoa takes a pin to win.


Michael Lowman of Foothill wins in a 7-3 match.

Riley Nooner of Ponderosa puts on a great match , but loses to top ranked Nick Nevills in a 2-1 overtime.

Bryan Hayashida of Elk Grove loses in a 5-0 match.

Second Round (championship)

At 103, Juan Garza wins a close clutch decision for the Mustangs. Liles is teched, Saavedra wins by pin, Tarp of Foothill teched, Juan of West loses, Peralta pins,

At 112, Oakdale’s Garret Fortado takes a 1-0 win. Inong loses 13-3, Del Campo loses 9-4, Balderas of Ceres gets a default win, Klaus loses 13-2, Fidler of GV loses 13-2.

At 119, Walker loses 8-2, Burkhalter is pinned, Ramirez wins 8-0, Pollock is pinned, Greybill wins by tech.

At 125, Terry of GV loses 6-2, Klinkhammer of Pitman loses 13-4, Garcia wins 5-3, Manriquez pins to win, Broadland of GB loses, Wulfert wins 11-3.

At 130, Tanner Feuerstein wins 6-1 to upset Southern Section champ Andrew Shulte of Centennial. Cody Tow wins by default, Andrew Perez of Pitman wins 7-0, Newman loses 4-2, Pain of Rodriguez wins by pin, Tucker wins by tech,

At 135, Oakdale’s Shane Tate gets late near fall and wins 7-2. Landon Burkhalter is pinned, Nanik loses narrow bout 9-8, Mativer wins 10-3.

At 140, Keefe wins by pin, Branum wins 9-3, Laith loses 13-5, Sean Tow pins to win in just 13 seconds, Leochler loses 9-3.

At 145, Cooley is pinned, Subjeck pins, Elliott wins 12-2, Ray Lomas of CC loses 5-4.

At 152, Dustin Harris of Oakdale drops a 9-1 match. Thomas takes a 33-second pin, Sherrow is teched, Burrage wins 13-4, Wagner loses 5-3.

At 160, Dorowski is pinned, David Call loses 10-1, Waldhauser pins in 49 seconds, Fretland loses 7-2, Harrington is pinned.

At 171, Oakdale’s Noon nabs some key team points with a first round pin. Haman loses 14-3, Buck wins by pin, Emmons loses 11-0, Woods is pinned, Isayev is pinned.

At 189, Wilson is pinned, Huckaby loses 9-1, Sepada takes a big 14-12 win, Arrambide wins 4-1, Anderson is teched, Johnson pins in 48 seconds.

At 215, Oakdale’s A.C. Brown survives the first of several big tests with an 11-0 rout to open his tourney. Joey Ramos loses 14-3, Richard Black takes a 6-3 win, Chris Lai is pinned, Micenheimer wins by pin, Letuligasenoa wins by 8-2 decision, Travis Smith takes a 6-4 victory for Ripon.

At heavyweight, Lowman is pinned, Alleva of Folsom wins 7-4, Granite Bay’s Andrews is defaulted out of tourney, Johnny Schup takes a 10-2 win, Kris Merril is pinned.

Oakdale championship round three and consolation round two notes

Juan Garza loses 9-1 to Isaiah Locsin at 103.

Garrett Fortado takes Ian Nickell of Bakersfield into double overtime, where he holds Nickell down in consecutive 30-second periods to take a 2-1 win and Oakdale’s first seed into the quarterfinals.

Tanner Feuerstein loses by decision to Fox of Gilroy.

Shane Tate pins in 52 seconds to reach the quarters at 135.

A devastated David Ferry just walked off the mat for his final prep match. He was defeated in the second round of consolation and is eliminated from the tournament.

Dustin Harris holds off a late charge to win 4-2 in the consolation round at 152.

Down 2-1 with a round to go, Trent Noon just scored 5 unanswered points to win 6-2 and advance to the 171-pound quarterfinals.


Eslewhere in the SJS

103 - Vaca's Peralta advances to the quarters with a pin over Torrance. Savaadra takes Pitman's first quarters seed by topping Clovis West 8-2.

112 - Ceres Balderas is teched in the second round.

119 - Ramirez of EG techs to reach finals. Greybill is pinned by Gaytan.

125 - Fabian Garcia lands a 18-1 tech to reach quarters. Austin Wulfert sneaks in a 3-2 win over Ali Naser. Manriquez loses 8-2 to Cisneros of Selma.

130 - Big win for the SJS - Cody Tow of Union Mine tops Bakerfield's Netrelle Demison 3-2! He will see a familiar foe in Andrew Perez of Pitman in the quarters, as Perez beat Navarro 15-12. Pain of Rodriguez was topped by Nick Pena 14-3. Shayne Tucker is also in the finals after a 15-0 win.

135 - Tate to face Mecate in big match-up in the quarters. Metivier won 3-2 to reach the quarters as well.

140 - Keefe loses 13-2. Branum tops Bersano of Clovis to reach quarters in a 5-1 match. Tow loses a tough one in a 6-2 match to Abono.

145 - Subjeck lands a 7-4 win to reach the quarters. Elliott won 3-0 to see the same round.

 (more to come)

Ok so at this point we had internet connection, but the wifi at Rabobank crashed on us throughout and finally we were stranded without internet for the final rounds of the tourney. The only reporters who were able to file from Rabobank brought their own wireless internet card. Most reporters were forced to file from their respective hotels, which is what I had to do. State officials said they weren't prepared for the rush of people accessing the network, but as it's a yearly rush and there have been problems with wifi in the past, I'm wondering if they should have seen this coming and been more prepared.

You can find full first day brackets online at the following website.

Team Scores after 2 championship and 1 consolation round

1. Clovis (59), 2. Bakersfield (50), 3. De La Salle (36.5), 4. Oakdale (30), 5. Selma (27), 5. Vacaville (27), 7 Poway (26), 8. Clovis North (25), 9. Porterville (24.5), 10. Lemoore (22), 10. Orland (22).

Final first day status on Oakdale's nine qualifiers

Juan Garza dropped a match to a highly touted Gilroy wrestler in the consolation bracket to see his tournament end.

Garrett Fortado was ousted convincingly in the quarters, and will wrestle tomorrow to stay alive.

Ronnie Stevens went 0-2 to finish a strong season.

Tanner Feuerstein was winning his last match in consolation, but allowed a surprising second round pin to catch and end his season.

Shane Tate had a tough time with Chris Mecate in his quarters, and dropped to the consolation bracket.

David Ferry went 1-2 to end his season short of a third straight state medal.

Dustin Harris went 1-2 in a solid tournament showing.

Trent Noon landed a clutch 6-2 win in round two, before a 12-0 rout of the Southern Section runner-up in the quarters.

A.C. Brown allowed an early takedown to spell trouble in a eventual one-point loss in his quarters match with Austin Lobsinger.

Noon has locked a top-6 state medal and wrestles Justin Lozano of Selma tomorrow in the semi-finals. Tate, Fortado and Brown will fight to stay alive in the consolation bracket.

 DAY 2

And we have internet connection on the second day! It's super slow and totally unreliable, but inbetween the lapses in disconnection I think I can post some info.

Second day Oakdale notes

Oakdale High sophomore Garrett Fortado saw his run for a second straight state medal come to an end after a last-second takedown from Paul Fox of Gilroy forced a 3-1 defeat in the fist round of consolation on day 2.

Shane Tate was excellent from his feet, and sharp takedowns paved way for his 6-3 win over Peter Santos of Woodcreek in his 135-pound bracket. Tate is a lock for a top-8 medal, and can repeat his third place medal a season ago if he wins three more matches.

Trent Noon's family and friends have shown up in mass with T-shirts supporting his soon-to-come semifinal bout with Justin Lozano of Selma. Their shirts, a mix of Oakdale crimson and gold read "It's NOON TIME!"

I'm off to shoot A.C. Brown's match which should start any moment.

A.C. appeared to be the better wrestler after an early takedown, but a scramble ended with his back the mat and he couldn't escape in a second round loss via pin. His tournament ends at top-12.

Trent Noon put on a good show to contend with Selma star Justin Lozano (ranked No. 2 in state), but was downed in a 4-2 score at the 171-pound semi-finals.

Shane Tate has struggled today after a knee injury left him hobbled for the remainder of his tournament. The injury played a big part in his 6-0 loss to Adam Hendrickson of Healdsburg, moving Tate to the 7th/8th match of this tourney.

Noon has two more matches today, and will wrestle for a chance to see the third place match next.

Noon dropped an overtime match to Nevills of Clovis in his next match to fall to the fifth place bout.

Oakdale's rough outing today had compounded on some serious difficulties that started in the championship quarterfinals yesterday. Big losses has made Oakdale's hope of a top-10 team finish nearly impossible. The SJS in general has had a rough time with the CIF champoinships.

Noon pinned Reid Pelfrey to finish fifth. Tate injury defaulted to 8th after a painfull loss in his last match.

Eslewhere in the SJS

Emilio Saavadra of Pitman allowed an overtime takedown to end his run for a freshman final at 103. He fell 6-4 to Isaiah Locsin, who will see Johnson Mai in the tourney finals. Peralta of Vacaville won his match by pin in consolation, and is a lock for top-8.

Its Nashon Garrett and Josh Rodriguez in the 112 finale.

At 119 it's Knoblauch and Gayton.

Fabian Garcia of Turlock was just beat in the semis and will drop to consolation. 125 final will be Rodriguez and Cisneros.

Cody Tow of Union Mine is up 5-2 in the third round during his 130-pound semi-final. Shayne Tucker trails 5-2 in the third round of his semis match. Tucker lost by that score and will drop to consolation. Tow wins 5-3, and will face Nick Pena of Selma in the finals.

135 is Mecate and Yacuta.

140 is Martinez and Cano.

Jake Elliott of Oakmont was tough late to reach the 145 finals. He will see Baldazo of Liberty.

152 is Davis and Pereira.

160 is Hammond and Oak Ridge's Vinny Waldhauser.

171 is Lozano and Reyes.

189 is Macintosh and Quam.

215 is Lobsinger and Knowles

285 is Nevills and Musallam.