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Time, Trust And Tales
Mommy Musings
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Teresa Hammond

How is it December 4?

Just a handful of days from wrapping up my month of “Grateful” columns, I became dumbfounded as I created the doc for this week’s column saved as “column 1204.”

Okay, so no longer a young’un in my prime, with a world of opportunity and hope on the horizon, I know this topic is both a bit tired, as well as cliché for the majority of us. But time does indeed wait for no one.

Three weeks from the day this shows up on newsstands most of us will be snug in our homes gazing at loved ones and Christmas trees. So therein is a blessing and reason for an abundance of gratitude. I get that not all are so lucky and not a minute of that is lost on me.

But dear goodness can we just slow down time?

Earlier this fall I outed myself for failing in the Fall/Halloween décor department. It was indeed a shortcoming for me personally. As many girlfriends rallied with reassurance, as well as testament, that they too missed the “Fall boat” my house still felt empty.

Remedy to this fact came quickly, early last week as I committed to my children that the day they flew home from dad’s, the Christmas bins would be out in full effect – and they were.

Oh this Christmas season isn’t getting past this girl. The empty home had to be remedied and it was. Trees are up, stockings are hung and the fragrance of scented candles abound, as Christmas has arrived.

Looking through the ornaments, stories began to be told, some from me as I recalled why certain ones were purchased and others from my children, whose artwork still hangs proudly.

This past week’s weather, equally helped with the holiday mood as the rain created a desire to not just want to stay in, but be cozy. So holiday movies began playing, as well as holiday tunes as we traveled through town. In short, it is indeed a beautiful life.

But what of all this fast pace, time passing? What’s to come of all of that and why does it seem to go faster as the years pass?

Since I’m all but a simple journalist, I have no true hard core, scientific answer. Part of me feels it has much to do with a full plate, most of us host a heaping pile on our porcelain and that never seems to let up.

Oh, I’ve tried saying yes to fewer things. I’ve tried the whole idea of “life balance,” but as a friend recently shared openly … balance is bs. That makes me laugh, because it’s true.

Think about it. If balance was real, we wouldn’t be swirling with a full porcelain plate wondering why time passes so quickly. Some things just are. That’s what I’ve learned, that’s the reality you gain from this whole growing older business.

I won’t go as far as to add the “wiser” piece to the adage. As I’ve grown older I’ve learned a few things about myself. It’s almost as if I’m slowly reversing time, returning to a few of the characteristics I once admired in my young children – not yet jaded.

This past year I was accused (for lack of a better word) for being naïve, too trusting, even a push over.

True, I have a few bumps, bruises and scars I didn’t have a year ago. In that way I’m a bit wiser on a few things, but I refuse to become jaded. Bumps, bruises and scars are attained simply from specific situations, circumstance or people – I won’t suffer that again.

I will however continue to live a life of grace, love and caring – regardless.

So this Holiday season that’s what I hope you remember. The days they do go fast. Time indeed waits for no one and as you sit and marvel at where did the time go – what mark did you leave?

You see, as we’re all so busy being busy, there’s equally someone just hopeful for a moment with a loved one, a friend, even a stranger. In short – human connection – while it can’t slow down time it certainly can fill it in a way which will be remembered for years to come.

Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas and God bless your busy life.


Teresa Hammond is a staff reporter for The Oakdale Leader, The Riverbank News and The Escalon Times. She may be reached at or by calling 847-3021.