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Mommy Musings - The March Of Time
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After 10-plus years of column writing, I must admit - at times it’s tough to not be redundant.

Fortunately during those 10-plus years, I have become a mother to two completely different children. This in and of itself makes for fascinating study, both of them and myself and (as the column title “Mommy Musings” indicates) I’m not afraid to share.

There are, however, certain times of the year, which seem to foster the repetition of certain topics: the holiday season, New Years, Easter, Summer Break and the now ever present Back to School period.

Any one of these given topics may quite easily present the opportunity to expand upon the fact of time passing too quickly. Memories, it seems happen often and always, yet somehow we all seem to pay extra special attention during these particular times.

This year, though, as I stare at my desk calendar I am somewhat haunted by the date of August 1. August 1? Really!!??

Already? How on earth did this happen?!

I shared a few weeks ago that my children and I are well into our dysfunctional/irresponsible summer routine, so now what?

Yes, as sad as it is, we are quickly on the heels of our ‘transition back to routine.’ Now, pardon me as I take a minute to scream the word “Nooooo!”

Our household began anticipating Summer Break 2012 in late April. My son began listing the places and things he’d like to do during break and before we knew it, things were being checked off.

Similar to most families, we will be making the most of every moment right up until August 14.

Now, make no mistake, there are moments in our home when I am looking at the clock and wondering one of two things. First, how many hours until bedtime and second, which child will kill the other first before the sun goes down.

In all fairness, my children have tolerated one another pretty well for the most part. However, shortly into the month of July or maybe it was the end of June, it became apparent the ‘honeymoon’ phase was over. Kind words had left their vocabulary, tattling ensued and suddenly one was always guilty of doing something to the other.

This would also be around the time that mommy became a little more happy to find a cold beverage once the two of them retired to bed.

But now the end is close in sight and admittedly I am saddened by it. We’ve been fortunate to not have a sun scorching summer. Triple digits have been few and far between, making outdoor play and swim time more abundant. We’ve traveled near and far and even managed to work in a few (not as many as promised) play dates.

This summer’s end, however, is bittersweet for this Mommy Musings, as my youngest will head off to Kindergarten. She is of course, ecstatic and eager and me, well … not so much.

Unlike a handful of my friends, I am not the strong mom. I hate that my kids are growing up faster than I can get their photos into albums. I love that they are able to find their own snacks in the pantry and turn the television on for themselves, allowing me to sleep in. But, truthfully it ends there.

I have these amazing girlfriends who share their thoughts on how we are ‘simply the vessels to guide them, on this first part of the journey.’ Really? Well, yes, this is true but I love them needing mommy. For every moment that my daughter needs me to get her something, there is the counter of her proudly exclaiming she did something on her own because “I’m big now, mommy.”

It kills me.

Now I understand that helicopter status is not healthy for my children or their mother, but truthfully … it’s hard. They truly are (at this point in time) my everything. I both wake and rest my head thinking solely of them. They are my blessings, my babies, the duo that makes me smile like no one else can.

So, as August 14 lurks on my desk calendar I continue to take deep breaths.

I’m excited for my duo, as I know how much they love school and all who surround them there. Will I cry that first day?

More than likely and most definitely yes. Constructing this sentence alone caused me to tear up.

But here we go, status forever changed as I become the mommy of two school aged children. Our calendar will continue to fill, our memories abound and our challenges - well, I’m pretty sure they promise to increase as well.

As for time, and the pace at which it passes, well I guess I just need to learn to ‘deal with it.’ My friends are right; we are indeed the ‘vessel.’ Selfishly I just wish mine was still set on the 1980s speed limit of 55 mph versus the ever popular 75 mph of the open highway of Interstate 5.

Teresa Hammond is circulation manager for The Oakdale Leader, The Riverbank News and The Escalon Times. She may be reached at or by calling 847-3021.