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The Mess And The Madness
Mommy Musings
Teresa Hammond mug 3
Teresa Hammond

I’m a hot mess.

That’s what I came to realize (oddly enough) earlier this week during a hot yoga class, of all things. The crazy thing about this self-discovery is: a) the practice of yoga is to be a time to free the mind of clutter and just focus on the body, mind, spirit and b) I found that opening sentence so freeing and truthful, I just knew I had to share it.

Now granted this is a real tight turn from last week’s topic of hard work and dirty hands, but the space is indeed titled “Mommy Musings” and as many know the mommy brain can be (at times) a bit scattered and cover a million different topics all at once.

So again … I’m a hot mess.

As I began diving deeper into my yoga practice and the sweat began to fall I realized mommies really need to be real with one another.

Okay so some might be reading and thinking YOU’RE a hot mess? Lady I haven’t made it to the gym or workout since my last baby was born and that was 15 years ago. Okay, that’s valid too, but don’t be too impressed. The yoga mat was a choice over something which is weighing on me and I’m sure I’ll pull off in the next week … or two.

What you ask could be so troubling or complicated that it has me proclaiming my hot mess status? Well, in truth nothing, it’s really not that serious, but it is something I need to achieve.

I’m speaking of my fall décor.

Yes, you absolutely read that right. As I type this from my laptop in the middle of my living room the only sign of fall in our home is a fall leaf wreath on the door and a few scented candles I only have because I purchased them through a fundraiser.

Again … hot mess.

In fairness, I did manage to get the bins down this past weekend and they are both staged perfectly in front of my washer and dryer ready to be opened. So that’s progress right?

The intention was to break it all out and transform the house Sunday while my son and daughter were away from the house. The dutiful fall fairy would come sprinkle the home with autumnal beauty and I would finally be able to visit friends and family without feeling, well, like a hot mess.

Every home I’ve been in the past several weeks has been visited by the Fall Fairy. One family member even has the tea towels out in the bathroom complete with cute fall sayings and design. I mean for heaven’s sake I can’t even use the powder room without being reminded of my inadequacy. Now that’s funny, but the sad part is, it’s completely true.

So what’s the point of all of this anyway? I mean who really cares if my home has autumnal colors and is fall festive or not. Short answer – no one.

What I recognize however is I’m not alone. The only difference between me and the tired mom who just sat down and is reading this in November because she finally had five minutes to catch up with The Leader is … Absolutely nothing.

Authenticity and realness become more important to me with every passing year. I love decorating our home for the season, which leads to the holidays. I love that cozy feeling. The shorter days, well not really a total fan of that, but I do enjoy those scented candles.

The reality however is as life gets busier some things just don’t happen as they once used to. I used to spend the weekend following Labor Day every year transforming our home as the Fall Fairy. On October 1, the Halloween layer would be added and on November 1, Halloween would be transitioned to Thanksgiving, you get the picture.

This was my routine and as much as I wish it would have been nice to see that through the past few years, I wouldn’t trade what I was doing with my time the past few weeks for anything. So, until further notice I’m just going to live in my state of hot mess-ness.

So this is for my fellow hot mess comrades, you know who you are. Maybe you have the “Happy Fall Y’all” home, but you haven’t yet taken down Christmas lights. Maybe you get soccer practice time confused with dance class time and show up to the wrong place on the wrong day – just laugh sister.

There are many things I may not know, but what I know for sure is … while being a hot mess may make some visibly uncomfortable for me – it’s just one more goal to add to the check list. Oh man how I can’t wait to place the red check by that “fall décor” and “Halloween” box. One must dream.


Teresa Hammond is a staff reporter for The Oakdale Leader, The Riverbank News and The Escalon Times. She may be reached at or by calling 847-3021.