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Back At The Ballpark
Mommy Musings 8-25-21

Can we just talk about baseball a minute?

I can already see some of you rolling your eyes and that’s okay.

The beauty of the Mommy Musings space, is it was never intended to be one size fits all or for every reader. Although there are weeks when I believe (and have learned) it appeals more to some than others and then, that too shifts.

So this week, baseball is just fresh on my mind, which probably has to do with being able to take in a game live this past weekend.

Before proceeding further I must be honest here. Raised a diehard San Francisco Giants fan the past two years (for me) have been a bit off. It happens to the best of us, but your team is your team all the same.

We all know about last year, its limitations and the like. In complete honesty I view the 2020 season as more of exhibition play, as there really weren’t enough league games to call a true winner, but then again nothing about 2020 was normal so why would baseball be any different.

This year’s Olympic events occupied a big chunk of our family time as we celebrated the return of something which also was a bit “abnormal.” I mean watching the 2020 Olympics in 2021 with the signage still showing the past year, struck us as funny every time we turned it on. But then again, there was much about the prior year that left us looking a little like - huh? Is this real?

But back to baseball and this past weekend. As a family, we were fortunate enough to attend a Bay Bridge Series Game.

I preface this with all of the above for a few reasons: first, as a family we’re getting back into the groove and are adjusting to the changes of our team; second, since being off the grid a bit we didn’t realize how lucky we actually were to be sitting in those seats and lastly, who doesn’t love a little rivalry game?

So this past weekend, as we settled into our seats at the Oakland Coliseum it was brought to our attention that there is (currently) no promise that the A’s will call the Coliseum home in the 2022 season. Ever the sap that I am, I quickly acknowledged to my kids that this could be the last Battle of the Bay with just a handful of miles separating these two legendary Bay Area teams.

That took a minute to sink in and truly get, we were … just by chance living a bit of Bay Area history.

There are many things I love about the Battle of the Bay, as well as the rivalry between both teams.

Every time I’ve had the pleasure of attending one of these games live, regardless of the outcome, I always come away energized. This past weekend was no different.

There are many things I love about baseball; one most notable in this case is the blend of the fans throughout the stands. Seats aren’t purchased by team affiliation so you truly never know who you’ll be surrounded by.

In our case, it was a great blend, many families with members representing both teams.

The energy of a well-played baseball game and excited fans is one which I wish I could bottle and this past weekend was no different. The high-fives were many, the boo’s for bad ump calls just as present and the spirits were high. In short, it just simply felt good to be back at a baseball game.

As for predictions and standings, I’ll hold off on getting too carried away with those thoughts. I’m a Giants fan, we’re conditioned to be conservative and gracious whenever possible. It is after all the game of baseball, which can have the outcome changed with one simple swing of the bat.

The message here is quite simple, be it a baseball fan or not, it’s good to be out among people again. Regardless of the jersey color, political choice or background. After all, once the jersey is retired, ballot put away and we each sit for a cup of coffee or cold beer; we’re all simply each humans trying to live our best life as possible. Play ball!


Teresa Hammond is a staff reporter for The Oakdale Leader, The Riverbank News and The Escalon Times. She may be reached at or by calling 209-847-3021.