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Take Tough Measures
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Dear Editor,
Tough times call for tough measures — that is why I want the city of Oakdale to continue with the amenities that we have had for all of the 46 years that my family has called Oakdale home.
I want to continue using the Senior Center for a place to enjoy the Oakdale City Band. It is an evening of pure pleasure.
I want to have our police and fire departments to protect us and our property.
I want to continue to have a voice in city government.
I want everyone to support the issue to increase the sales tax a half percent, so that we can continue to have the same quality of life. The cost for a year $20 to $30 and for no more than three years.
This measure will be watched over by, the residents of Oakdale. If you are concerned become involved and then you too can be a part of the city where we enjoy a good quality of life.
I think so much of this community, that for the 46 years I have lived here, it has been my belief to give back to the community for what it has given me — a job, home schools, doctors, hospital, dentist. That has met all of my needs. So much so, that three of my children have remained and made Oakdale their home.
Exercise your right and vote for the measure.
Continue to make Oakdale a city where it will be a home for our children’s children so they can work, have a good quality of life.
Phyllis Pottle