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Supporting Mahida For Hospital Board
Letters To The Editor
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Dear Editor,


That’s how I felt when I discovered Dr. Chet Mahida chose to run for the Oak Valley Hospital District Board of Directors.

Few know the challenges of a primary care medical practice with thousands of patients and for the length of time, as he is now treating second and third generations of the same families. Dr. Mahida has that experience and connection to OVHD and our hometown.

Dr. Chet Mahida has served in various positions within our hospital, including Chief of Staff and sub-committees. With his election, we eagerly await his much needed guidance for our community hospital by serving as a voting member of the District Board.

In addition to his busy medical practice, Dr. Mahida generously offers his time to Oakdale High School sports teams. He and his family have been active in numerous activities that benefit our entire community. He is a generous, fair and compassionate man.

Compassionate – a very important component to a successful hospital, especially as the only hospital serving a wide area and diverse population. While the ‘latest and best’ medical diagnostic equipment is always viewed as necessary, providing medical care without providing compassion is simply not fulfilling the oath to ‘heal’.

Medicine has become like most any other business with the bottom line being closely monitored. While OVHD shows a positive financial position, how much of that is achieved with hiring primarily part-time employees who work 29hrs/week max, thus do not qualify for health benefits? As hospital employees, they cannot get health benefits through the hospital! Salaries need a new and updated revision. Dr. Mahida will look out for the employees he has worked with for so long and recognizes long needed changes.

Hopeful – Electing Dr. Chet Mahida to the OVHD BOD will bring a fresh perspective, backed by his experience, wisdom and strong connections to Oakdale. His business sense and desire to look out for the interest of everyone; patients and staff will be a welcomed addition. He acknowledges the value of hospital staff and the importance of retaining staff.

It is time for a new elected OVHD Director and that person is Dr. Chaitanya (Chet) Mahida. Oakdale is Dr. Mahida’s current hometown for the past several decades. He has been affiliated with Oak Valley Hospital the entire time. He cares about the hospital growth, while assuring patients and employees thrive. Our hospital needs Dr. Mahida as a voting member on the hospital’s BOD. His voice should be heard and his vote should be counted. It’s time for this change.

Please join me in November by voting for Dr. Chet Mahida for Oak Valley Hospital Board of Directors.


Karen O’Bannon