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Please Help!
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Dear Editor,

Oakdale Citizens Cemetery needs to be saved. I urge anyone to just drive through and see the sad condition of this cemetery. My family has adopted the southeast area where my father is buried and have cleaned, watered and even purchased our own weed eater and lawn mower. A few other people have done the same thing. I am pleading to every organization in town to help preserve this cemetery that apparently is in need of financial help. The Oakdale Lions Club has taken on the project of adding new curbs to a new addition of the cemetery. It looks wonderful but we just wonder who is going to take care of this new addition when the older sections cannot be cared for. Ninety percent of the cemetery is dry weeds, overgrown foxtails and some areas are just dirt. My father was buried in July and two weeks ago, the caretaker finally made it to our section by no fault of his own because he is taking care of approx. three acres by himself. So you can imagine how weeds grow in three months. There are broken water valves leaking, there’s a broken/fallen fence, leaking sprinkler heads, trash outside the fence areas and a dilapidated interior roadway.

We thank the Oakdale Garden Club member that helped us with getting a water spout in our area. If any Organization, County Furlough Program or School Committee that needs a project, contact the Board of Directors of the Oakdale Citizens Cemetery. I would hope that they would not turn down anyone’s help. Attending a board meeting is impossible because there is no set date or posting when meetings are held and it appears it is just whenever they can get everyone together. Please help us and let our loved ones rest in dignity rather than weeds.

Donna and Ron Borges