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Outfitting Students For Success
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Dear Editor,

I am a girl scout in Oakdale troop 3248. As a project we have to write a letter to the editor. I recently viewed an article about Manteca students receiving laptops. I think it is a great learning experience. In my own fifth grade classroom in Oakdale, we have Chromebooks but they are for school use only; we cannot bring them home. As kids, of course we want electronics but it is more than that. Kids like to learn when it looks cool.

On Chromebooks it is really fun to learn. We also play a game our teacher has us do to study. If every student in our district were given a laptop to take home, students could type assignments at home, study online and complete assignments and workshops with the help of the Internet.

Not long ago, my science teacher had us fill out a few worksheets on the solar system as an assignment. We had to use the Internet to fill it in. Luckily my whole class had at least one electronic device in their home so we were able to do it, but if we had not it could have affected our grades.

The Oakdale school board should consider giving all fourth through 12th grade students laptops.

Thank you for reading this letter and I hope you enjoyed it.


Emma Lowe