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Needing Independent Thinkers
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Dear Editor,

Mike Murray and John Kanno have my vote for Council.

The City of Oakdale is facing tough times ahead. The citizens of Oakdale are in need of individuals to serve on the City Council who will be independent thinkers and use experience to guide their decisions.

Mike Murray has those qualities and more. Mike Murray holds a Masters Degree in Business Administration and uses a thoughtful approach to making decisions. He is a family man with two students in Oakdale Schools. He is active in the community and has made this his home for many years.  Candidate Mike Murray has my full support and will gain my vote on November 2 to serve me and my family on the City Council.

John Kanno equally has the experience needed to guide us through these difficult times. His conservative leadership values are key ingredients for a successful City Council member.

I am confident these candidates will be independent in their thought but work together to meet the goals we as citizens set for our city.

Belinda Dunlop