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Making An Informed Decision
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Dear Editor,

Discernment, informed, looking at the whole story … all important when making decisions about candidates and ballot issues. In a recent regional newspaper, the Editor wrote an excellent column telling us the importance of knowing the full story. Often candidates will resort to criticizing their opponent, rather than telling us what they would do if elected. Apparently, it is also a common practice to distribute information that is simply not true, or from so long ago, it is completely irrelevant to current election choices.

I have voted to re-elect Sheriff Adam Christianson based on his successful first term and the importance of his experienced leadership continuing to lead the department through the changing times ahead. Sheriff Christianson is informed, experienced and confident. These are all qualities that we want in our Sheriff who will continue to lead and hold accountable the men and women who create the team that work for the Sheriff’s Department. Now is not time for a change, rather build on the experience and partnerships already in place. It is important that we have a Sheriff who keeps our entire county safe, viewing our rural Oakdale areas equally as important as the larger cities. Crime rates are down, car theft is down. Our communities are safer and will continue to be with the re-election of Sheriff Adam Christianson. Please join me in voting for Sheriff Adam Christianson.

Karen O’Bannon