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Letters To The Editor
Letters to Editor

Letters To The Editor


In Support Of Davis


Dear Editor,

As an educator, I have been working in the Oakdale Joint Unified School District office since 2001, and as Assistant Superintendent since 2012. Like so many others, I endorse Don Davis for County Superintendent. When you’re in education, you hear about lots of faddish, flash-in-the-pan reform efforts that start off, lose steam and collapse. This can bread cynicism. And success stories that cannot be replicated aren’t much help either. Fifteen years ago, I went to a conference in Anaheim, and the keynote speaker was a man named Don Davis from a city called “Waterford,” and he had pushed his school to achieve the highest growth in test scores in the entire State of California. I was raised in Waterford and live there now. As I listened to him speak, I thought, “Finally, here’s a reform story based on simple, doable strategies that can be repeated, and can actually work in my district too!” Don Davis has a vision and strategy to create real, measurable, sustained results. As the only candidate with a doctorate in education, he uses science to improve decision-making. He’s a leader among leaders. Don Davis is the best candidate.

Kristi Rapinchuk

Assistant Superintendent, OJUSD



Zwahlen My Choice


Dear Editor

I am voting for Sue Zwahlen for Congress because Sue believes as I do, that each woman has the right to decide for herself how to deal with a pregnancy in consultation with her doctor and according to her own religious beliefs. The choice is hers. Sue will defend a woman’s right to control her own body, including the right to abortion and contraception services available under the law. Sue recognizes the vital role that Planned Parenthood plays in delivering women’s health services. She believes we can, and should, do a much better job of providing education and access to family planning and sex education, not just for women, but for men too. The prevention of unplanned pregnancies requires a full investment in women's health programs. Sue will also lead the fight against all forms of sexual harassment and abuse - in the workplace, in the home and in the community. We need more women’s voices in Washington. Won’t you join me and help send Sue Zwahlen to Congress?

Pat Glattke



Candidate Choice is Clear


Dear Editor,

I first met Sue Zwahlen during her tenure on the Modesto City Schools Board of Trustees. I served as College Counselor at Beyer High School during that time and had the opportunity to interact with and observe Sue in many situations. What struck me most was how approachable, interested, and genuine Sue was in her interactions. Sue always took the time to stop in offices and classrooms to ask questions, but most importantly to listen. During particularly challenging times when budgets were being cut and vital student programs were in jeopardy, I found her studied, objective, approach to understand and investigate all aspects of the issues very compelling and ultimately just. Sue demonstrated great passion, integrity, and commitment while serving on the MCS Board. I believe this is the fabric of which she is made enabling her to utilize these qualities throughout her years of service as a nurse, parent, and contributing member in our community where she has made a difference in countless lives. What sets Sue apart from other candidates is her authenticity. That is why I support her for U.S. Congress. Please join me in voting for Sue Zwahlen on June 5th.

Teresa Pitts



Need A New Voice


Dear Editor,

Politics has become too divisive. Our elected officials argue over who is right and who is wrong, and nothing gets done. Sue Zwahlen is different. She will work to solve our problems-from healthcare to education-with a unique solid understanding of both. Additionally, Sue knows we need well-paying jobs right here in the Central Valley so college graduates can call this home. Sue Zwahlen understands our needs and will fight for us in Washington. Sue has my vote for Congress.

Maree Hawkins



Education Is Key


Dear Editor,

Education is the key to the future of our Central Valley and our nation. As former public school educators, we support Sue Zwahlen’s priorities with regard to education: make college affordable by reducing tuition and student’s debt burden; provide funding for more school counselors at all grade levels; encourage vocational education and much-needed apprenticeship programs; provide more federal funding for preschool and support for daycare providers; and undo the deep cuts the Trump administration has made to the education budget. As mother of six children educated in public schools, and with eight years’ experience in elected service on the Modesto City Schools board, Sue understands the challenges we face in providing quality, affordable education for our children. Join us in casting your vote for Sue Zwahlen for Congressional District 10.

Gary and Patricia McDaniel