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Grad Night Super Success
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Dear Editor,
I would like to express my heartfelt thanks, along with the Oakdale Sober Grad Night Board, to this amazing community of Oakdale. Our board works year round to provide a safe and sober graduation celebration for OHS graduates. Our sole mission is to keep the graduates and the community safe on graduation night. This year, we were quite concerned that we would not make the budget and be able to have an event at all. The call went out for extra help to both Rotary Clubs, the Lions and the Kiwanis as well. The Leader and reporter Dawn Henley helped tremendously by running an article and asking for donations for the event. Once again, this community came through with extra monetary donations along with extensive raffle prizes and food for the evening.
Oakdale Sober Grad Night was a huge success. We had 192 graduates attend, 71 with scholarship tickets that this community provided. There were 100 volunteers that helped facilitate Sober Grad Night. OPD and the Sheriff’s Department told me that there were zero alcohol related incidents involving OHS graduates for the evening of graduation through Saturday morning. Our mission was accomplished because of the help this community gave us. I am never surprised, but always humbled by the generosity of Oakdale.
Thank you.
Dale Farley,
Oakdale Sober Grad Night Chair