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From Our Readers
Letters to Editor

Ready To Serve


Dear Editor,

I want to thank the citizens of the 12th assembly district for the confidence they showed in me on Election Day. I will work every day on your behalf to make sure our interests and values are represented in Sacramento. As a newcomer to the political arena, I ask for your patience, support and prayers.

I also want to congratulate my opponent Ken Vogel for his service and friendship through a very competitive race.

Whether you supported Ken or myself, I ask that you stay involved and informed so that you can continue to make a difference. For those of you that did not vote for either or us or did not partake in the election, I hope that you will get involved and help us make the Central Valley the very best it can be moving into the future.

If there are any concerns or issues that you have, please contact me at (209) 613-1983.

Thank you,

Heath Flora



Concerns With Column


Dear Editor,

The ‘Tight Lines’ column by Don Moyer that appeared in our local newspaper, the Oakdale Leader, on Nov. 16, 2016, was titled “The First Gun.” It’s a testament to the gun hungry, trigger happy mentality of many folks here in the Central Valley of California. Some lowlights in the column, in my opinion: got his first gun, enrolled into NRA gun safety (really?) course, and shot a squirrel, all at age 12; now they make special 22’s just for kids, and pink ones called a Chipmunk for girls (how cute); investing your time in the future of the world (meaning showing children how to kill with a rifle) is the perfect holiday gift for the child you love. ‘Nuff said, partner?

Michael Kennedy