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Flag Display Is Proper
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Dear Editor,

I am a long time resident of Oakdale (35 years), and I am proud to be part of the construction of the new hospital here in Oakdale. I have worked for Acme Construction Company for over five years and was fortunate to be picked as the onsite Project Manager for this project for them. I am working with some very talented and knowledgeable people on this project.

The Superintendent that was chosen for this project proudly displays the American flag on all of his projects and knows the proper etiquette for hanging the flag. While it is true that sometimes the wind and weather may tangle the flag some days, it is properly displayed.

The reason I am writing this letter is because our corporate office received a phone call from a concerned citizen to tell us that we are not properly flying the American flag. We would like to let all concerned citizens know that we are proudly flying the American flag in support of our country and our troops and that we are doing so in a proper manner.


Gloria Wamhoff

Project Manager, LEED AP