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Dont Rush To Judgment
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Dear Editor,

Wendell Chun has been singled out, by a few community members, as someone looking to do harm to the hospital because he is holding accountable those paid to operate the hospital. I can excuse these critics since this new behavior was not seen in the previous Board of Directors and may take some time to get used to. The duties of ELECTED board members include ensuring the fiscal integrity of the hospital.

As president of the hospital board, Dr. Chun is required to facilitate an annual job performance review of the board’s only employee, the CEO. The evaluation of the CEO should not be a “popularity contest” — to conduct an evaluation this way is not fair to hospital employees, the people of the district, and the CEO. I would ask that we give Dr. Chun and the other new board members the respect they deserve and a chance to perform their duties before rushing to fact-free conclusions.


Lawrence Podolsky, M.D.