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Amazing Youth Of Oakdale
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Dear Editor,

As a parent of Oakdale youth, and might I say, a very proud parent, I feel the need to give some praise and acknowledgement to some amazing youth.

I was the Team Captain for Families of Stampede Relay For Life Team, and so honored at that. My team consisted of about seven adults and 15 youth. Let me just start by saying that these kids worked their butts off. Not just the day of the event, but the months leading up to it. Every fundraiser that I could come up with, they were there. Yard sales in the pouring rain and wind, to a change of venue fundraiser, last minute fundraisers, you name it, they were there and they were proud. Overall, our little youth team raised over $7800 in the fight against cancer. Our team made over $5100 the day of the event, and I believe that is the most money made on site that day. We served up tri tip sandwiches, hot dogs, nachos, basically anything that you would find at a football game, we served.

This booth was run by these amazing youths. Not one time did they complain. They knew the reason they were there and they just went to work. Around 4:30 p.m., about seven of our boys, cleaned up very well and had the honor of serving the Survivors. From what I hear they did an amazing job. They handled themselves with pride and respect. When they were done there they all hurried back to our booth and continued to work. Throughout the day they were also helping dump trash for the whole event, and also helped out in the Survivor parking lot.

I cannot express my gratitude to these kids enough. I am so overwhelmed with pride that I would like to give them a shout out: Frankie Trent, Shayann Trent, Wyatt Dobbins, Jonathan Carmelich, Tyler Flores, Gregory Hickman, Justin Hickman, Isabella Cobarruvias, and Jaelynn Fogleman. These kids are so willing to help anyone. The night before the Relay event they were asked to help hang Sponsor Banners, because they make themselves so presentable to others and eager to help. As we were leaving Friday night, after we should have already been gone, a lady pulled up with a car full of supplies, and without being asked or being told to help, Frankie and Jon just started unloading her car for her. She just stood there in amazement.

My letter cannot give these amazing youth enough credit, the credit they so richly deserve, but it can let them know how so very proud I am to be a part of their lives, and to call them all, “My Kids.”


Shannon Trent