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Valley Home News for June 20, 2012
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Now is the time to take a moment, grab a pen and circle Sunday, July 1 on your calendar as a reminder that the Annual Fourth of July Fireworks display at the reservoir will undergo a day and a time change this year. The Fourth will actually take place during the middle of the week this year. The fireworks display over the reservoir is always awesome and those of us who are fortunate to reside here in our Valley Home community have the added benefit of sitting out in our back yards or fields that evening to enjoy the spectacular show.
Sharon Hofmann passes this important information on to alert residents of the following information. There has been an individual wandering the vicinity of Pioneer Ave. to Lone Tree to Valley Home Highway and back to Pioneer Ave via Pleasant Valley Road.

This person is a Caucasian male, about 40 years old, wearing a black tee shirt and blue jeans, both of which are quite soiled.

He was seen walking the area since this morning, June 15th, and he was still seen walking the area after darkness fell.

He was then posing a danger to himself and others as he was seen wandering out into the road, walking in circles, backwards etc. and it is quite difficult to see him at this time of night. Sharon tells us that she has seen a few cars slow down when they come upon him, the OID stopped and talked to him, but he just keeps walking as though dazed. Please be aware of this individual.
Monday, June 18th marked the first anniversary of the dedication of our Valley Home Community Park.

What an exciting and rewarding afternoon that was for all those who worked so long and hard to establish the park for all of us to enjoy.

Music by Valley Home resident DJ Ken Saffiotto and his Cruiser Music Products filled the air while the wonderful aroma of steak and chicken sandwiches prepared by (Mike) Jerome Food Catering of Valley Home greeted visitors as they arrived at the new park.

The crowd of attendees were seated at the recently obtained beautiful redwood picnic tables (funded by the Oakdale Irrigation District) located under the park pavilion and welcomed to the event by Valley Home Community Center chairman Joseph Perez, who provided a history of the work involved in creating the park and gave special thanks to all those who were helpful in getting the work accomplished.

Let me chronologically list the memorable events that have happened this past year at “your park”: the Valley Home Community Park: hosting and celebrating a combination San Joaquin and Stanislaus County Neighborhood Watch National Night Out on August 2, with a potluck dinner by participants; a surprise birthday party in early October for resident Kate Hart for her Valley Home friends; the resignation of three Valley Home Community Center board members in the summer of 2011 and replacement on the board by Don Taro, Winnie Mullins and Ralph Damante; a large family birthday celebration in late September for the first birthday celebration of Avery Kay Cornett at the park; the V.H. 4-H Club’s creepy and crawly mausoleum for their Halloween celebration in October; the planting of the new official Christmas Tree after the V.H. 4-H Christmas Parade filled with atmosphere with Christmas Spirit; gathering at the park in the Spring to plant the Colorado Blue Spruce tree that was donated to the park by Morris Nursery; receiving the new American Flag from Joseph and Linda Perez at Memorial Day time to replace the previous flag presented by the two supporters at Christmas time in 2010.

So much more has happened to give enjoyment of Valley Home residents with much more to fulfill the dream of the Community Park or the “Community’s Heart.”