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Valley Home News 2-06-19
Winnie Mullins

In this week’s column we will take a look back, reliving some of the many fun memories over the years in Valley Home. Enjoy the fun, “Do you remember?”

We will try to include a “Trip down memory lane” at least once a month over the next few months in our column. If you have any fun facts or memories to share, please email them to us.


Here is this week’s “trip down memory lane” – you will find the answers below!


1. Who wore shorts every day, rain or sunshine all through grammar school at Valley Home?


2. Who marked off entry spaces and lined up the very first Valley Home annual Christmas Parade 14 years ago?


3. A beautiful, caring girl, who along with her mother and grandmother work tirelessly for the Valley Home and Oakdale communities?


4. Who hosted the first planning meeting for the VH School first Harvest Festival?


5. This young man was hurt very badly in an accident, today is recovered and married to a beautiful young woman? He comes from a strong, forever VH family who also loves the Sierra mountains!


6. This amazing man, after suffering a devastating illness, along with his devoted wife, together created a beautiful park for our community to enjoy and even today, many years after his passing, his memory lives on through the love and passion his wife carries on with the Children’s Guardian Home!


7. Many Oakdale High students will remember this great lady, even today she fondly remembers each student who came into her Oakdale High Library before she retired?


8. This group of VH/Oakdale residents had a legendary softball team, and enjoyed each other’s friendship and fun on the field of VH school for well over 38 years, before moving in Oakdale?


9. This wonderful couple owned a horse ranch on Valley Home Road and she was the owner of her own hair studio serving many in VH. And before his recent passing, this fine gentleman wrote an agriculture book on successfully growing corn?


10. This hard working woman, involved in almost every event and fundraiser over the years in VH. She spent over 38 years writing the VH News?


Here are the answers: 1. Austin Dickens; 2. Kevin Koppinger; 3. Ashley Barreto, Christina Barreto and grandmother, Mrs. Matos; 4. Mike and Karen Monschein; 5. Cody Fleischer; 6. Auggie and Elsie Martin; 7. Audrey Rinna; 8. Moonshiners; 9. John Quillen; 10. Laura Burghardt.


Enjoy the rainy weather! Soon spring will be here. Looking forward to beautiful flowers, gardens and happy times!


As always you may reach me at Until next time, “Happy trails to all!”