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A warm breeze gently bends the branches of the beautiful old willow tree. Its branches reach into the cool peaceful flowing little creek below providing a shady respite for the family BBQ. It’s another glorious 4th of July in Valley Home! Hot dogs, hamburgers and homemade banana ice cream will be served up on this very special holiday. Red, white and blue ... Old Glory is proudly waving from porches throughout Valley Home. It is America’s birthday! Delicious blackberry sorbet made with homegrown sweet blackberries is a favorite during summertime in Valley Home. Its frozen goodness just hits the spot. Throughout Valley Home, ranchers, farmers, friends and neighbors have been busy finishing up tasks so they might relax and enjoy the fruits of their labor. Hay fields have been mowed, almond trees have been tended, gardens have been picked. It’s time for a well-earned day of good food, laughter and fun!

In the middle of it all comes the call ... irrigation water is coming your way. Cool, clear water right on time! Holiday get-togethers on the 4th of July bring families together all around Valley Home. There is nothing like the sound of children’s laughter as they splash their way to happiness. The innocence on their faces as they run and play on a hot July day is a joy to behold!


Many folks in Valley Home can remember a time when the sparkling lake like waters of a beautiful rice field covered much land in our community. It truly was an amazing sight with many people taking Sunday drives just to enjoy the sight of the flooded rice fields. Even today among almond trees and cattle ranches you can still drive down Valley Home Road and enjoy the sight of a flooded rice field. Its sparkling water could easily be mistaken by a traveler as a small lake. Locals will tell you that this rice field, hot weather and the 4th of July celebrations bring sweet memories of our old Valley Home traditions and the Valley Home Community Clubhouse! The community clubhouse was the scene of many holiday traditions. Local family members shared stories with us of sleeping outside when they were children listening to the late night goings on of the 4th of July party goers at the clubhouse!

Our lovely little park now sits on the piece of land that was home to our community clubhouse. On this 4th of July holiday week we offer a very special thank you to the many, many people who worked so hard years ago to save the old clubhouse, ultimately making the decision to build a community park for all of us to enjoy! This week as we watch fireworks and celebrate the birth of our nation, may we also celebrate our rural lifestyle!

As we enjoy our family BBQs, ripe juicy slices of watermelon, fresh corn on the cob and those delicious vine ripened blackberries from the pastures of Valley Home, we are privileged and blessed to live in Valley Home!



As always you may reach be at phone at (209) 985-5233 or by email at Until next time, “Happy Trails to All!”