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A beautiful smile, a beautiful soul, a teacher so loved, a life ended too soon.

Ag teacher Sue Kirland touched many lives during her short time at Oakdale High School. Ms. Kirland passed away December 13th, 2016 after a sudden and very short illness. Before coming to Oakdale High, Ms. Kirland had taught at Waterford High School. She was much loved and deeply respected by her ag students at both high schools. Her caring nature, and devotion to her students, left each student with a special memory of this very special teacher. Ms. Kirland loved her beautiful sweet daughters with all her heart. After a very loving tribute by family, friends and colleagues in December, Waterford High welcomed family, friends, and many of Ms. Kirland's FFA students for a final goodbye to Ms. Kirland this past Saturday. As I sat listening to the different speakers, I once again was reminded on the impact one can have on those around us. My grandson Cody Bartholomew was blessed to have Ms. Kirland as his FFA teacher and adviser. She will be greatly missed by all who knew and loved her.


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