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Valley Home News 11-20-19
Winnie Mullins

A beautiful Texas wedding! Growing up in Valley Home, Lainey Smith enjoyed running barefoot through clover pastures, riding throughout Valley Home, spending time with friends and loved being involved with her community. As with many kids in Valley Home, 4-H is an important part of their everyday life. Lainey was always ready to head up a committee or take on a new adventure. She enjoyed spending time with her sister, Halley and together with their parents, Tammie and Ronnie, they were part of most all community activities in Valley Home! Lainey grew up with a great love of horses and the western way of life. She spent many afternoons roping and learning from her dad. She became an excellent roper and an amazing cowgirl. Lainey is a girl filled with a free spirit and an adventurous heart! While in Texas, a few years ago, she met a tall, very handsome Texas cowboy. He would sweep her off her feet and capture this Valley Home girl’s heart. This past weekend, Miss Lainey Smith became Mrs. Riley Page. Friends and family gathered from all over in the beautiful Texas town of Tolar, to be part of Lainey and Riley’s special day. With a beautiful Texas sky above them, the young couple exchanged vows and became Mr. and Mrs. May God bless Lainey and Riley with great happiness! Valley Home sends best wishes to Mr. and Mrs. Riley and Lainey Page!


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