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Valley Home News 10-28-20
Winnie Mullins

Emotions are running high here in Valley Home. It is incredible that although our community pays taxes just like other communities, our station would be shut down! I want to make it completely clear, I am very happy our Knights Ferry friends will have 24-hour staffing. They need it and they deserve it! Valley Home also needs it and deserves it! I understand the value of a small increase on our taxes. Fire service and station staffing cannot be taken for granted by any of us. Some folks question why we need an increase, it’s no secret that fire service has changed drastically over the past 20 years since our last increase! Training, staffing, safety gear, so much has changed, state regulations are intense, our fire service is much different. I, like so many of you hate the thought of raising our taxes, but just one life saved is worth it! In fact, the increase on our homeowners’ fire insurance will most likely be far more than our tax increase would have been! My heart is heavy for our community, and I am saddened by this decision by our board.


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