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Sesquicentennial Parade Pulls Out All The Stops
Reacting with delight as a brightly colored parade entry rolls by, young Ariella Esparza, 3, was ready for the All-American Bash with her handheld flag and patriotic attire. Marg Jackson/The Leader

With more than an hour’s worth of entries to view as they marched by, the downtown Saturday morning parade to kick off a day full of Sesquicentennial and All-American Bash festivities did not disappoint.

As part of the city’s 150th birthday celebration organized and put on by the Oakdale Enrichment Society, the June 26 parade followed the traditional route, starting near Walgreens on the west end and heading east along F Street, dispersing at Maag Avenue.

As the saying goes, ‘Everyone loves a parade’ and the crowd turned out in force to cheer for and smile at the wide variety of participants, from the dancing horses to the Oakdale Community Band, local businesses and many community groups.

After enduring months of COVID-curtailed activity, the residents at Astoria Senior Living were more than happy to take part in the June 26 parade. Marg Jackson/The Leader
save mart
Many local businesses had floats or groups marching in the parade, with the popular giant Save Mart cart making an appearance. Marg Jackson/The Leader