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Steer Escapes Trailer Near Main Intersection
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The noon hour lunch rush had a little bit of a different twist in Oakdale on Thursday, March 29.

A large black steer somehow escaped the trailer he was being hauled in and succeeded in causing some traffic tie-ups and prompted a frantic effort to corral him, eventually succeeding in getting him back into the trailer.

“We received a call about 12:40 p.m. of a very large black steer loose in the area of Wood Park,” explained Interim Police Chief Lester Jenkins. “He got out of the trailer and was in the area of the main intersection.”

The steer was not struck by any vehicles but did stir up plenty of attention as he romped through the streets briefly, at one point reportedly even running toward the House of Beef.

“He was getting into traffic but wasn’t injured. He was being chased by cowboys and cops,” Jenkins added. “He was surrounded in the area of E and Sierra and they were able to get him back into the trailer. The incident was cleared at 12:56 p.m.”

The 15-minute adventure seemed to leave the steer no worse for the wear, officials said, though it did create quite a spectacle for motorists and pedestrians in the downtown business area.