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States Fire Season Off To Roaring Start

Approximately 7,000 firefighters are battling 13 large wildfires in California.

That, according to CalFire spokesperson Lynne Tolmachoff, who released information on the various fires in an update on Tuesday morning, July 11.

Locally, conditions are also ripe for fire, with the wetter than normal winter contributing to heavy vegetation growth. Combined with the triple digit heat that has been prevalent so far in July, significant drying of the vegetation has left the area with plenty of fuel. Officials are urging people to take extra precautions and said the region escaped the long Fourth of July holiday period relatively unscathed, with no major fires despite an abundance of illegal fireworks being set off.

Tolmachoff added that in the northern region of the state, the strong high pressure will continue to slowly move out. Inland temperatures will be close to normal highs for this time of year over the next couple of days, but humidity and southwest to northwest winds will increase a bit.

A warming trend is forecast starting Thursday and continuing through the weekend.

Many wildfires are sparked along roadways and many of them could be avoided.

“These fires can be prevented by practicing a few safety measures,” Tolmachoff said. “Don’t drag any parts and make sure to secure chains when towing. Check tire pressure and properly maintain brakes so you don’t expose areas that can throw sparks. Make sure to pull over in an open area if you have mechanical problems as hot exhaust pipes and mufflers can start fires.”

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Largest fires around the state currently include the Wall Fire in Butte County, with close to 6,000 acres involved, and the Garza Fire near the Monterey, Kings County line covering more than 14,000 acres.