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Solid Showing By Orange Blossom 4-H
Orange blossom


Orange Blossom 4-H Club

Orange Blossom 4-H group represented Oakdale very well at the California State 4-H Field Day that was held at U.C. Davis on June 1. Orange Blossom 4-H members competed in multiple contests.

Brooklyn Vessels gave her Informative Speech on Mini Satin Rabbits earning a Gold Medal and Cailee Flood gave her Illustrated Talk on Equine Colic and earned a Gold Medal. Both girls are members of the Orange Blossom 4-H Public Speaking group that works with Joyce Reed as the project leader.

Caden Flood, Cailee Flood, Kira Vessels, and Brooklyn Vessels competed in Entomology contest, Judging contest, and Plant Science Identification and Judging contests with Cailee Flood earning a Gold Medal in the Judging Contest. The California State 4-H Field Day is the largest and most comprehensive educational event for 4-H youth and 4-H volunteer educators. 4-Hers from throughout California come together to compete. This field day provided many opportunities for members to grow in their ability to think, reason, and make logical and scientific judgments.