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Lifelong Friends Bring Dream To Oakdale Diners
Taqueria Goes West
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New business owners Andres De La Torre, left, and Juan Luis, right are joined by Juans wife Maria Luis, as they celebrate their one month anniversary of opening Taqueria Jarro Viejo on West F Street in Oakdale. The three, along with the help of De la Torres brother, Guadalupe, are excited to bring authentic Mexican food and quality service to the community. Located at 1120 W. F St., the business is open daily from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. Teresa Hammond/The Leader

Andres De La Torre and Juan Luis are living a dream come true.

The lifelong friends recently opened the doors to Taqueria Jarro Viejo located at 1120 W. F St. in Oakdale. It’s a dream the business partners have long talked about as they worked in kitchens of other taquerias. Restaurant hours are 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. daily.

With the help of Andres’ brother Guadalupe De La Torre and Juan’s wife Maria, the business partners opened their doors for business in late May. The team of four has been busy ever since, bringing customers authentic Mexican food with memorable service.

“They always had a dream to open a place, a restaurant,” Maria said of the 20-year long friendship. “When they saw this place they decided to give it a try.”

The two men felt the location, as well as overhead expense, matched perfectly with what they were trying to achieve. In early March, they were given the keys and began working on transforming the space into a reflection of their vision.

During those two months De La Torre shared, they also spent time building and taste testing the items they felt were best for their menu. Now utilizing the skills and experience gained from working for past employers, they were able to build a menu they and their families feel are the best of the best.

“They have everything,” Maria said of the menu, “and everything is fresh.”

‘Everything’ includes a wide variety from breakfast items, burritos, tacos, combo plates, dinner plates, nachos, seafood specials and even a kids menu. The beverage menu is kept simple with water and soft drinks, as well as Aquas Frescas made on site.

“People ask me what is your favorite,” Maria said. “I tell them everything is good, but I really like the Camarones Tropicales.”

“I like the shrimp fajitas,” De La Torre added, after significant thought, “with the vegetables and the seasonings it’s really good.”

The owners and their crew of two recognize the importance of quality service, as well as quality food. Maria serves as the primary face of the business, while the others take turns in the kitchen, as well as answering take out calls. Regardless of which of the four-person team is in which spot, their guests are given the utmost attention.

“To me it feels like home when we’re here,” Maria said. “We try to give that feeling to our guests when they come.

We all have a really good relationship with one another,” she added of the owners and their two sidekicks. “To me we are like a family.”

The De La Torres/Luis families are very pleased with their opportunity to bring authentic Mexican food to the Oakdale community. They each noted a true feeling of welcome, as well as support from customers. Word of mouth via the traditional sense, as well as Social Media has proved to be working in their favor.

To account for the one setback of their West F location, the owners were granted permission by their neighboring business owner of the West F 7-11 for customers to park in his lot if needed.

“I feel proud of them,” Maria said of her husband and De La Torre, “because they serve the best. They wished for this and now it’s coming true.”

In addition to dine in and take out, customers are encouraged to call in orders as well to Taqueria Jarro Viejo. Food orders can be placed at 502-8282.