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Strong performances for athletes at track, field championship

On Thursday, May 2 Oakdale High School track and field athletes competed in the 2024 Valley Oak League Championship Meet at Don Nicholson Stadium. Here are the Mustangs who finished in the top five of their respective events.



100 Meter: Landon Tolboe (fourth place 11.58)

800 Meter: Jacob Cavanaugh (second place 2:01.98)

1600 Meter: Ismale Dominguez (second place 4:27.46); Jackson Oliveira (third place 4:29.25)

3200 Meter: Omar Alsaidi (first place 9:27.11); Jackson Oliveira (second place 9:28.64); Mason Oliveira (fifth place 9:32.58)

110-meter hurdles: Wes Burford (first place 15.58); Cameron Guthrie (second place 15.99)

300-meter hurdles: Cameron Guthrie (first place 41.39); Aiden Vargas (second place 43.50)

4x100 Relay: Cameron Guthrie, Joseph Delte, Rafael Rios and Landon Tolboe (third place)

4x400 Relay: Brock Boysen, Aiden Vargas, Ely Gomar and Rafael Rios (fourth place)

High Jump: Spencer Ballard (second 5’9); Declan Hynes (third place 5’9); Joseph Delte (fourth place 5’7)

Pole Vault: Grant Gardner (first place 13’0); Aiden Vargas (second place 11’0)



100 Meters: Lynsey McPhee (fifth place 13.20)

200 Meters: Kylee O’Neal (third place 27.53)

400 Meters: Jordan Wylie (fourth place 1:04.18)

800 Meters: Brady Wylie (first place 2:34.91); Shelby Mitchell (fourth place 2:37.14)

1600 Meters: Bradie Evans (first place 5:26.35)

3200 Meters: Bradie Evans (first place 11:49.66); Taylor Reams (fourth place 12:48.79)

110-Meter Hurdles: Brookelyn Baba (first place 15.57), Emma Weber (fourth place 17.60); Savannah Brown (fifth place 17.65)

4x100 Relay: Savannah Rivera, Brookelyn Baba, Kylee O’Neal, Lynsey McPhee (first place)

4x400 Relay: Jordan Wylie, Brady Wylie, Jaelyn Ghiglia and Shelby Mitchell (second place)

Shot Put: Memphis Carr (first place 36’5); Samantha Powell (third place 33’7); Natalie Powell (fourth place 33’7)

Discus: Memphis Carr (fourth place 96’2); Natalie Powell (fifth place 94’0)

High Jump: Emma Weber (first place 4’10); Taylor Hay (fourth place 4’8)

Pole Vault: Lynsey McPhee (second place 8’0); Shelby Cotner (fourth place 7’0)

Long Jump: Savannah Rivera (second place 16’10); Jaelyn Ghiglia (fourth place 14’9)

Triple Jump: Lynsey McPhee (fourth place 32’5); Brookelyn Baba (fifth place 31’9.5)