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Former Waterford City Administrator Hired For Oakdale
City Operations Manager Chuck Deschenes has been appointed by the city to take over for departing Dee Tatum. Deschenes was the city administrator for the City of Waterford for 13 years before retiring in 2011. - photo by RICHARD PALOMA/The Leader

Interim City Manager Stan Feathers announced on Nov. 5 that retired Waterford City Administrator Chuck Deschenes has joined the city’s management team as an interim operations manager. Deschenes replaces retired Merced County CEO Demetrios “Dee” Tatum, who leaves the position due to state regulations on the limited number of hours he can work after retirement.

“We are very fortunate to have Chuck come in to help us,” said Feathers. “He’s a very talented and experienced city administrator.”

Feathers complimented Deschenes on his experience in Waterford stating Deschenes “had a high, diverse level of experience in many levels.”

Deschenes, 66, retired from the City of Waterford as its city administrator after serving 13 years. Prior to that, Deschenes was a County Administrator with Garfield County, Colorado. He has previously served with Shasta County also.

“I’m really glad to be able to help,” Deshenes said. “I’m here to help the city move forward and get caught up until permanent folks can take over.”

The City of Oakdale is currently recruiting for a full-time city manager and anticipates hiring a deputy city manager after the city manager’s appointment.

“These types of assignments are always interesting and challenging,” said Deschenes. “I’m up for those types of projects.”

Oakdale Mayor Pat Paul said she’s known Deschenes from his time at the City of Waterford and when she was on the Stanislaus County Board of Supervisors.

“He’ll be a good match with public works,” said Paul. “Chuck is the type of guy we need. He’s up to speed on things and knows how to manage.”

Paul also said she would foresee Deschenes stepping into the city manager role if Feathers’ allotted time expires and a city manager for Oakdale still has not been selected.

Like Tatum and Feathers, Deschenes will be paid $74 per hour with no benefits and is also limited to only work 960 hours per year due to receiving a CalPERS pension.

Deschenes lives in Waterford, has been married for 37 years and has three adult children.