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Donations Sought As Family Fights Illness
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Justin Myers, an Oakdale graduate, has been fighting a mysterious illness that was discovered when he was in junior high. The Oakdale Leader has followed Justin’s journey through several stories, including when he received his restored 1969 Chevy Camaro through the Make-A-Wish program. After eight years of frequent blood transfusions for what they can only determine is Pure Red Cell Anemia (partial bone marrow failure), Justin is showing signs of major organ failure. His liver is in Stage 3 Fibrosis due to iron overload, which drops his odds to 70-75 percent. Treatments are no longer effective but they have found a bone marrow donor. He will undergo a bone marrow transplant sometime in the next six weeks, after which, he will spend six weeks in Stanford University Hospital. He must live by the hospital for six months, and his mother will not be able to work for a year in order to care for him.

Justin is expected to be admitted in mid-June to early July.

The doctors are encouraging pet therapy but to board the dogs at the hospital is as expensive as renting an apartment. The dogs will also have to undergo training as they are not allowed to lick or jump on him.

Exercise is important, even with his limited ability and the medical team has encouraged Justin to use the Wii or the Xbox Kinect. Justin has an Xbox and a Playstation 2 but still needs the Kinect.

Although Justin’s father has good insurance, the coverage does not extend toward living expenses that are associated with the move to live by Stanford for Justin and his mother. Justin is hoping that the community of Oakdale will be able to help him. His family is not just looking for monetary donations, even though that would help him in this difficult time, but he could use movies, games, emails, encouragement, and of course, prayers; anything that will help keep his spirits up.  

Justin’s father has set up an account at Bank of the West in Oakdale for donations under the name “The Justin Myers BMT Fund” in care of Rocky Myers; account No. 026793083.