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Crews Rescue Horse From Oakdale Pond
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Early morning Thursday, Dec. 4, Stanislaus Consolidated Fire Protection District (SCFPD) firefighters were dispatched to the 13000 block of Horseshoe Road in Oakdale for a horse in a pond that needed rescuing. Upon arrival, SCFPD firefighters requested additional assistance from Modesto Fire Department and within about an hour, they rescued Sassy, the 24-year-old horse, from the cold water.

The firefighters worked as a team to put a rope system together and used backboards as a ramp to get the horse over the 3- to 4-foot pond shelf. Once on dry land, Sassy was unable to stand so she was kept warm with blankets until a veterinarian arrived to provide medical care. It is unclear how long Sassy had been in the water, but it is possible that she was in the pond for as long as six hours. Firefighters were called to the scene shortly before 8 a.m. on Thursday.

SCFPD Battalion Chief Eric DeHart commended the personnel involved in the animal rescue for doing an outstanding job working together and using their manpower to get the horse to safety. DeHart said that they were fortunate that the weather conditions were favorable and he is hopeful for Sassy’s recovery.