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Council Votes To Raise Garbage Rates
2015 Council

Oakdale residents will see a gradual rise in their garbage bills for the next five years after the Oakdale City Council voted to allow Gilton Solid Waste Management a 2.5 percent increase to cover the cost of providing solid waste services for the city.

Oakdale City Manager Bryan Whitemyer told the council on Monday night that the city’s prior agreement expired in 2015 and had continued the agreement for 2016.

“Gilton has proposed a new five-year agreement, which proposes an annual rate increase, tied to inflation based on the Consumer Price Index subject to a maximum annual increase of percent,” Whitemyer said.

The proposed increase would be from July 2016 through June 2021.

“Rates have not changed since 2010,” Whitemyer said.

The city’s existing rate at $21.69 for a 90 gallon bin and $17.16 for a 60 gallon bin will go to $22.23 and $17.59 for July 2016 and max out at $24.54 and $19.41 by 2021.

Only one person, Vicki Madsen, spoke against any increase, pointing out that with her water, sewer, and garbage, she’s seen an increase from $37 to $93 in eight years.

“This is not an immediate jump but an incremental increase,” Whitemyer told her.

City Clerk Kathy Teixeira advised the council members that out of the 8169 letters mailed to customers, only three responded with any protest of the increase.

The billing increase passed unanimously.

In other matters, the council heard about the possibility of a portable toilet placed at the F Street Fire Station.

Whitemyer advised the council that staff was not in favor due to no real need being seen at this time. He said that even when there was a portable toilet in the area, city workers were still coming across human waste in public areas.

“Besides, is a toilet within 10 feet of a thoroughfare here that welcomes people into our town a thing we want?” Whitemyer asked.

He also said fire personnel at the station had their own concerns of a public toilet on the station property.