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Community Shows Support For City's Police
Blue Lives
Organizer Victor Havelaar welcomes attendees and local police that showed up in front of the Oakdale Police Department as part of the Sea of Blue campaign on Friday morning, Sept. 4 RICHARD PALOMA/ The Leader


After what a group of Oakdale citizens felt was an attack on law enforcement occurring in our nation right now, and with some feeling there was a war on police, a prayer service was held to show support and love for Oakdale’s law enforcement personnel.

The gathering by over 20 citizens was held Friday morning, Sept. 4 in front of the Oakdale Police Department as part of the national Sea of Blue campaign.

“Our law enforcement officers and deputies need our support more than ever as they are being disrespected across the nation by a small minority of people,” said one of the group’s organizers, Victor Havelaar. “Criminals are made out to be heroes and police are made to be villains, we’re here to show that’s not the case.”

Dave Difabio led the group in a small prayer and blessing and had others join with their special prayers as approximately 10 Oakdale Police personnel attended with the citizens.