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Author Captures Family History In Books
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Andrew Rico wrote the books for his grandchildren.

“Literally, I did this for my grandkids,” he said of two new books he has published, Magnificent Treasure and Rich Treasure, detailing the family’s history and Hispanic heritage in the local area, including being grantees of the Knights Ferry Rancheria.

The books are available for sale at the Oakdale Museum on West F Street, and the author was on hand for a Saturday afternoon open house, March 24, to promote the books.

“I wanted them to have this,” Rico said of providing a detailed family history in book form. “No one knows about it until I write it down.”

Proud of the family’s rich history in the region, Rico said the goal is to make sure that history doesn’t get lost and putting it on paper guarantees that the family will always have a way to trace their heritage.

“What I found out is that I liked writing,” Rico said of the experience. “I liked the process of it.”

An accountant for many years prior to retirement, Rico said he was energized by the writing project, digging in to family history and putting it down on paper.

“Someone said it’s like dancing with the language,” he said of becoming an author. “Sometimes it’s wrestling, but mostly it’s dancing.”

The books can be purchased for $15 each at the Museum and are also available on Amazon, Rico said.