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Poets Corner

My Feelings

By Payton Avila

Fifth Grade, Fair Oaks Elementary


At times I am

As bouncy as Jell-O.

And all of my friends can say that I am not gray especially on a bright

and sunny day.

When out is the sun I always am fun.

That is all I have to say so good day.


At times I am gray.

I may be dismay but don’t let that make you blue because then you

would be sad too.

I may have fallen or tripped.

I may have tripped when I skipped.

I may be sad one day when the sky is gray but when the sun comes I

will be ready for some fun.




My Feelings

By Mia Peterson

Fifth Grade, Cloverland Elementary


At times I am turquoise

I feel outgoing, funny, weird and unique

Especially when I’m going on vacations or spending time

With friends and family or when I’m just being myself

At times I am red

I feel scared, alone, angry and blocked off from everyone

Especially when I’m alone in the dark of everyone avoids

Me for no good reason

At times I am green

I feel nervous, annoyed and bossy

Especially when I’m working on my own or my siblings are

Being a little rude to me

I am Mia Peterson




My Feelings

By Hayden Morton

Sixth Grade, Fair Oaks Elementary


At times I am Grey

When I feel sad or angry after a bad day.

I hate when I am wrong

Or when I am sad, that’s when I get back up and sing a happy song!

Especially when my siblings make me angry

Or when the weather is at a cold degree.


At times I am pink, happy as can be

I am joyful, fun and spring up with glee

When I am right

Or when sing in sync

Especially when someone smiles at me

Now that is the key

I love to feel Pink




My Feelings

By Jaiden Brown

Fifth Grade, Cloverland Elementary


At times I fee blue.

I feel sad, blocked off, and invisible.

Especially when family and friends die


when I hear screaming.


At times I feel red.

I feel outraged, mad and terrible inside.

Especially when I’m not heard or underestimated.


At times I feel green.

I feel happy, joyful, and satisfied.

Especially when I get an A+ or hang out with friends.


I am Jaiden Brown.




Who Am I

By Zachary Zopfi

Sixth Grade, Fair Oaks Elementary


I am an eleven year old boy.

Who likes Baseball, Basketball,

Videogames, Drums, P.E., Swimming,

and Nerf Guns.

Happiness going on vacations like

Disneyland, Legoland, Zoos,

Beaches, Camping, Water Slides,

Great America, Knott’s Berry Farm,

and Apple Hill.

When I grow up I want to be a

Firefighter, a M.L.B. Baseball player,

and a P.I.X.A.R. Animator.

In my personal life I am working to

achieve all of my goals.


I am Zachary Zopfi.