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Kindergarten Science Sprouts Interest
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Sierra View Kindergartner Fernando Torres uses a small watering can to water his newly planted lima bean with help from his teacher Debbie Bohannon during the school’s recent Kindergarten science day. - photo by Dawn M. Henley/The Leader

Kindergartners at Sierra View recently participated in the first Super ‘K’ Science Day where they covered life, earth, and physical sciences. Organized by district science teacher Anne Marie Bergen at the request of Sierra View teachers, and with support from volunteers, each kindergarten class took a half-hour rotation through a series of five different science themes that encompassed the full morning.

Bergen shared that there are many positive outcomes for kindergarteners doing science as they did in the Science Day.

“First of all, our youngest students are able to have a variety of hands-on experiences with all types of materials in many areas of science – rocks and minerals, liquids, magnets, plants, bird adaptations and nests,” she said. “Due to the day being formed around science stations, students are able to verbally interact in small groups with adults and peers encouraging questioning, sharing, and synthesizing of science discoveries and learning.”

For Earth Materials/Rocks, students examined the textures, shapes and colors of different rocks, the properties of rocks, and what the rocks and minerals looked like through magnifying glasses.

In the rotation that focused on Magnetism, they learned about the attraction and repelling powers of magnets, and how they worked with metals. In the Birds rotation, students examined different bird nests, bird species, and used different tools such as tweezers and spoons to determine which beak shapes were best for picking up different shaped foods.

For the Solids and Liquids rotation, they learned about the properties of liquids, as well as how condensation and freezing occurs on the outside of a container.

They also went outside the classroom to learn about Plant Structure and Planting where they worked on a plant-related worksheet, and each planted grass or lima bean seeds in a cup to wait for them to sprout.

Students also had their “passports” to science stamped.

The science day covered five themes, with 30 minutes allocated per theme, with the overall focus on the five senses.

“Involving all kindergarten students in a special day, increasing the excitement for science … also increases confidence of kindergarten teachers in a variety of areas of science,” Bergen said.

She added that she’ll share the day, the plan and pictures with the other kindergarten teachers throughout district, as she saw the Super ‘K’ Science Day as a great event for all of the Sierra View kindergarten classes.