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Riverbank Councilman Arrested
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An early morning auto accident Monday, Feb. 20 resulted in charges of felony driving under the influence and child endangerment being brought against Riverbank City Councilman Jesse James White.

White, 23, who has often been under fire with authorities, was arrested following a crash at Highway 108 and Mann Avenue in Oakdale shortly after 1 a.m. Police said they were advised of an accident at the location and then, when responding, received an update that the suspect was attempting to flee the scene.

Officers found White being held down by a citizen when they arrived, with witnesses identifying him as the driver of the vehicle. They also said a small child in the vehicle had already been removed. The child was reportedly sitting in the front passenger side, received minor injuries as a result of the crash, and was treated at a local hospital and then released to family members.

Officers said they noticed a “strong odor of an alcoholic beverage” coming from White at the scene, his speech was slow and he could not stand on his own. He was arrested for felony DUI and child endangerment.

White is a current Riverbank City Council member, whose term expires later this year.