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Summer Season Sees Structured Sports, Pool Play Fun
Participants in the summer series of Slam ‘n Jam basketball camp get together in a huddle during a recent Monday session at Oakdale Junior High School. Photo By Jeff Kettering

Now that summer has officially arrived, both on the calendar and in terms of the temperature, area youngsters are taking advantage of a number of recreational opportunities.

Some, such as the Slam ‘n Jam basketball camp at Oakdale Junior High School, are designed to provide an introduction to the sport, while other activities such as swimming at the Riverbank community pool, provide a great respite from the heat.

In recent action, Mustang varsity baseball players hosted a summer tournament on the Oakdale High School campus while the football Mustangs traveled to nearby Ripon High School for some 7 on 7 round robin tournament play.

The Slam ‘n Jam camp runs on Mondays for a few weeks at the junior high.

Swimmers can take advantage of the pools both in Riverbank and Oakdale, with regular hours throughout the week along with swimming lessons and some special aquatic programs.

Area residents are able to take advantage of summer open hours at the Riverbank Swimming Pool. Whether older swimmers doing laps, teenagers just playing in the water, or families with youngsters taking some of their first dips, swimming in the pool is far safer than in the river, authorities say, as well as warmer, and with lifeguards on duty. Photo By Ric McGinnis
Junior Joseph Delte of Oakdale High School goes up against a defender at a 7 on 7 football round robin event, getting above the Davis player to make the touchdown catch. Photo By Jeff Kettering
Changing of the guard, literally, as lifeguards at the Riverbank pool trade places during the afternoon on a recent Saturday. Open swim hours are in effect for the summer, with pool swimming more fun and safer, authorities say, since the river is running so cold and fast. Photo By Ric McGinnis