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Athlete of the Week - Mustang Offensive Line
December 19, 2012
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When your fingers are buried in a three-point stance, you don’t tend to get that much ink. And when all your hard work is basically in the center of the field instead of a leaping catch in the end zone or a sweep around the left side, you don’t often get to be in the photo.

Since September, however, the offensive line for Oakdale High’s varsity football team has been brilliant. They have opened big holes for the running game, created a pocket for quarterback Spencer Thomas to pass in, and expertly execute rollout pass protection to allow space for big plays throughout the season. Their blocks were key in a superb passing performance in the NorCal Regional Championship win and are a big reason Oakdale played for a Division II state bowl title.

The offensive line earns collective Athlete of the Week recognition from The Leader for their efforts.