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Fishing Report
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Everyone has their favorite colored baits, my favorite colors were always watermelon red, purple, and green pumpkin. I pretty much grew up fishing those colors and believed that everything else was a waste of money. I think otherwise now after having lost to competitors fishing colored baits that I had always thought of as a gimmick. I’ll never forget the time I lost to a guy fishing a pink bubblegum colored worm! Several years ago I purchased a few red spinner baits, red being is color that I’ve always thought of as a springtime color. I fished that bait for one whole year and had one of my most successful years fishing spinner bait. Now, of course I always have a red spinner bait ready to go. My red spinner bait experience has made me take a second look at other colors. I did a little online research on fishing odd colors and found out that a lot of anglers believe that by fishing colors that the fish aren’t used to seeing, your chances of getting their interest increases. I definitely haven’t abandoned my beloved watermelon red but have become more open toward other colors. I sometimes even tie on one of those pink bubblegum worms.


Delta Report:

I recently went out and the bite was exceptional for bass. Spinnerbaits, lipless crankbaits, crankbaits, and swimbaits were all working. Red is a great color this time of year. All of the above baits were fished fairly shallow while targeting tulle points and isolated tulle clumps. Striper fishing has slowed down; most of the fish being caught have been from anglers that were out targeting sturgeon. For sturgeon anglers are fishing around Mothball Fleet while using ghost/grass shrimp combinations.


New Melones Lake:

Trout fishing remains great as many anglers fishing from the bank have been scoring limits of planter sized trout while fishing with power bait. Boaters are also doing well while soaking power bait. Last week several Brown Trout were caught by anglers trolling down to twenty feet deep with Rapalas. Anglers fishing from shore should target main points such as Glory Hole Point, Osprey Point, under the Highway 49 Stevenot Bridge, and Tuttletown. Bass fishing is improving as the water temperature has begun to increase. Most anglers are reporting a very light bite while fishing drop shot worms in shad colors.


Lake Don Pedro:

Trout fishing has slowed quite a bit as traditionally the lake gets tough this time of year. For rainbows try fishing from the surface down to twenty feet deep with Power Bait or trolling wedding rings. Bass fishing is hit or miss right now. Most anglers are swinging for the fences while tossing large swim baits for mixed results. As the water temperatures increase the fishing should improve. The lake is at 44 percent capacity right now so the launch ramp is still only accessible to smaller boats.


Lake Pardee:

The lake opens this Saturday for fishing. The lake has been heavily planted with trout so the bite should be excellent. Bass fishing is always tough this time of year on the lake but with all the trout roaming around, there’s sure to be more than a few giant bass looking for an easy meal.


Lake Camanche:

Trout fishing is good for anglers fishing off the bank. Power Bait is the bait of choice among anglers right now. Chevron Point and the launch ramp area have been the two best areas on the lake lately. Bass fishing has been picking up as anglers are doing well while fishing with jigs down to 20 feet deep.


Tip of the Week:

Some of the biggest fish are often found in areas that other anglers pass up. I’ve made it a habit of mine to seek out areas that most anglers pass up. Once I came across a small clump of tulles all by itself in the middle of a channel while fishing the delta one summer. With nothing to lose, I decided to fish it and caught more big fish off that small little clump of tulles than I can count. Because it was isolated, I believe that the bigger fish would run off the smaller fish and were pretty much untouched, until I got there, of course.