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Infinite Cheer, Tumbling Squad Perseveres Through Adversity
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Persevering through some adversity, the Infinite Athletics Cheer and Tumbling squads came home from a weekend competition in Bakersfield with three national championships and a third place showing. Photo Contributed

Breaking through adversity – that’s exactly what the ladies of Infinite Athletics Cheer and Tumbling did this weekend at the GSSA Championships in Bakersfield.

After coming in strong Day 1 of the competition Juniors level 2 Blackout and Senior 4.2 Rouge was unexpectedly hit when one of their double-teaming athletes broke her ankle in two places in a freak accident that took place after the competition.

To say the least coaches and athletes were left scrambling to come up with a solution to be able to continue on to Day 2. As luck would have it, a retired athlete from Infinite Athletics Cheer and Tumbling just happened to be related to the injured athlete and just happened to be attending the GSSA competition as a spectator.

“Put me in coach,” is what Mia Garibay said to coaches Amy and Ashly Dillon and that was exactly what they did. In the early morning hours, athletes, parents and coaches came together for an impromptu practice in the lobby of one of the hotels to give the athletes the opportunity to teach their newest member the routine in hopes of coming out triumphant. All held their breath as the ladies took the mat for their final performance. Their time was now for the athletes to leave it all on the mat. In an almost flawless routine, the ladies left the mat unsure of where they stood.

Was it enough? They wouldn’t know until the end of the competition. You could have heard a pin drop as the athletes, parents and coaches awaited the results. That’s when it happened: Senior 4.2 Rouge was announced as being the champion of their division, then shortly after Junior Level 2 Black Out was announced as the champion of their division as well, leaving the Infinite families, athletes and coaches ecstatic.

What sets Infinite Athletics Cheer and Tumbling apart from other competitive Cheer gyms is the passion, drive, respect and love for all of the athletes and their families.

Turning an unexpected situation into triumph is exactly what the coaches and athletes of Infinite Athletics Cheer and Tumbling did, bringing home three first place national championships and one third place title from the successful weekend in Bakersfield.

Infinite Athletics is at 628 Delano Ave., Oakdale.